Written Scheme of Examination

Compressed Air Equipment can supply you with a ‘Written scheme of examination’. A written scheme of examination is a legal requirement for every company with a compressed air system.


It is now illegal not to have a written scheme of examination for your air pressure system. The system needs to be greater than 250 bar/litres in size (which is actually very small). If you don’t have a written scheme you are breaking the law and could be prosecuted.

A written scheme of examination (WSE) is not very complex for most typical compressed air systems but the larger they are the more complex it becomes. However the written scheme must be written and the components inspected by an authorised person or organisation.

Items covered by the written scheme – compressors, safety equipment (relief valves), any pressure vessel including receivers, filter bodies, any shut off valve.

All these components need to be inspected and labelled and be included in the written scheme of examination documentation, including date of inspection.

Depending on the type of item its inspection period changes between inspection every year, every 2 years or every 3 years.

Wrekin Pneumatics has many years’ experience writing written schemes for customers and also inspecting air systems, talk to us for more information about written schemes of examination for your compressed air system.