Pneumatic systems are widely utilized in all kinds of machines, engines and industrial applications. Every pneumatic system runs on compressed gas or gas, so as to manoeuvre an actuator, and may be as simple as one air-driven piston, or as complex as a mining operation with multiple actuators. Plain atmospheric air is that the most ordinarily used for compression; there’s lots it, and in itself, it costs nothing. Pneumatic systems are generally preferred in industry and manufacturing over hydraulic systems, because they’re quieter, cheaper to run and straightforward to use.

So what is Pneumatics?

Pneumatics is a blanket term for the physics of compressing air, and for the branch of engineering that deals with the utilization of compressed gas or gas. Pneumatics was originally as simple as compressing the air in your lungs by taking a deep breath, then blowing it out forcefully to try to light something like igniting sparks for a fireplace or shooting a sharpened dart out of a tube. The word pneumatics derives from the traditional Greek word for blowing, πνευμα (pneuma), and therefore the same root forms are often found within the English word ‘pneumonia’.

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