Pneumatics Fittings

Pneumatic systems comprise many components, which all have to be joined along side numerous fittings. Wrekin Pneumatics stock and distribute a huge array of pneumatic hose and fittings, all of which may be found on our online store ready for next day delivery. Pneumatic fittings join together the main system components with their requisite hoses, pipes and tubes, conducting the compressed gas to the active parts of the appliance . the entire system is working under the pressure of gas or air, so all its component parts require tight, leak-proof seals and must fit together compatibly.


Our Fittings include:

  • Brass (nickel plated available) hose tail, hose repairer, nipple, reducing bush, socket, plug, cap, locknut, elbow, tee, ‘Y’ piece, crosses and manifolds.
  • ITM and Norgren Enots compression fittings in metric and imperial sizes.
  • Aignep and Wade compression fittings can also be found on our online store for next day delivery.
  • Aignep push on fittings.
  • Vast range of ITM and Burnett & Hillman hydraulic adaptors.
  • Parker, Walterscheid and Voss hydraulic compression fittings hydraulic steel tube.
  • Parker ‘twin ferrule’ and ‘A-Lok’ metric and imperial stainless steel compression fittings and stainless steel tube
  • Galvanised and black malleable pipe and fittings. From top quality brands Crane and EE.
  • John Guest ring main, plumbing and underfloor heating systems.
  • ITM nylon body, Aignep all metal, Parker Legris nylon body LF3000, John Guest metric and imperial food grade push in fittings.
  • Norma Polyamide and Acetal push on fittings range.
  • Tefen Nylon push on fittings hosetail and threaded range.
  • Polypropylene non-magnetic two touch fittings.