Pneumatic control Panels

Wrekin Pneumatics offers a range of Pneumatic supplies.

As well as supplying individual items of pneumatic equipment, we are also able to design and build control circuits and control panels.

If you have an idea which involves pneumatic control, contact us and we will be pleased to assist.

Our control systems building and designing services benefit you in many ways:

  • You can speak directly to trained and experienced technical staff.
  • You get all the services you need from one place; from design to installation and integration with current systems
  • We carry out all design, manufacturing, assembly and programming on site meaning our process is very fast and efficient and cost effective for you.
  • You can specify how much you want us to do and we are happy to work along with your engineers.

We design pneumatic control panels so that they will be of best possible value to you and the system they are controlling, bringing you fast return on investment.

Pneumatic Brands we use:

  • SMC
  • Univer
  • Norgren
  • Pneumax
  • Festo